Trinity Styles - Exclusive Reopening Preview

By Kristine Lam - January 28, 2013

Even though the facebook portion of the store has been closed for around a month, I've been busy preparing new items for everyone throughout!

As you might already know, the webstore remains open and a few items have been updated here and there. One of them being the ASOS style cat ear watch which has been extremely popular! Low in stock already. Don't need to explain why - How can anyone resist this :D?

There will be a lot of new accessories from Korea available.

Same for clothing as well - bright angora knit tops have been seen everywhere. 

This white top here is not for sale (as of right now anyway). It's made of mink, angora and cashmere blended together so it's pretty pricey but if there are enough people interested, it may be available in store. It is really warm and looks very elegant even when you pair it with a simple pair of pants/leggings. It resembles the angora fur top that Yoon Eun Hye wore in the drama Miss You, but this one is even thicker since it is made with mink and cashmere. 

Speaking of that top, we will be getting that in as well in both mint and a peachy pink.

Look forward to the reopening of Trinity Styles on Facebook in early February :D

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