Enhancing your eyes with double eyelid tape

By Kristine Lam - March 14, 2013

Double eyelid tape isn't just for those with monolids - it can also be used to enhance double eyelids/tapered eyelids :D

The super invisible double eyelid tape has been doing really well in-store. A lot of people chose style A/C over the largest crescent shape style B. 

I personally really like to use the crescent shape ones because I find they work best for my very thick eyelids and give the best "enlarging"effect. Almost sounded like circle lenses :p

They are the biggest in shape from the 3 styles, which of course makes the biggest crease. They are a teeny bit more noticeable because of this. However, the material this tape is made out of is good enough that you can't really notice it unless someone is up in your face (literally). Photos will tell more - keep scrolling!

I've been getting a lot of questions around how to apply and tips on getting the best result. The key is to practice and make use of the Y-fork it comes with to "preview" your crease before applying.

Here's my eyes in their natural state - double but tapered.

On the left, I've marked where my original crease line is. You should apply the tape so that the top edge is slightly ABOVE your original crease. This applies to all styles if you already have double lids. For monolids, use the Y-fork to test and figure out the correct width for your crease.
On the right, I've outlined approximately where I will place the tape.

Key is to remember not to get too greedy and make too big of a crease or you'll just look sluggish and sleepy :\ !

I smudged a bit of eyeliner while lining my lash line so thats why you can see the edge of the tape so clearly near the front of my eyes. But if you look from the middle to the back, the tape blends in perfectly!

And voila ~ bye bye tapered left eyelid! You can see a big difference in the second photo when comparing both eyes D:

Another good thing about these tapes is that they don't reflect light. This makes applying make-up over it a lot easier and even helps conceal the tape even better.

Complete the dolly eye look with some falsies :3

Even up close, its really hard to spot the eyelid tape (eyes closed or open :D)
Now you see why I've been pushing these eyelid tapes so badly to everyone?! Grab a pack and try it out yourself!

Buy now - http://www.trinitystyles.net/products/invisible-double-eyelid-tape

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  1. There's definitely a slight difference I see ^^

    Emi x