Pretty lids - invisible double eyelid tape

By Kristine Lam - March 10, 2013

Many of you have probably read my previous posts around double eyelid tapes and other options to create a nice crease :D

A lot of comments and inquiries came to me about which brand of tape I use the most often. I decided to offer them up for pre-sale on my web store and the response was overwhelmingly good! I'm still being asked quite often about which style to buy, so here's a bit of a FAQ about these eyelid tapes :3

These eyelid tapes are made of material imported from Korea. They are hypo allergenic and do not reflect light so they are almost impossible to see. Comes in 3 styles as shown below:

Style A - Rounded on both ends. This create a medium width crease and works for those who are single eyelids as well as tapered eyelids to enlarge the crease.

Style B - Crescent shaped. This creates the largest crease and is ideal for those who have thick eyelids (by that I mean thick eyelid skin (?!)) and those with tapered eyelids. This creates a very prominent double eyelid and I usually use this for photos or heavy make up.

Style C - Tapered on both ends. This creates the most natural crease and is ideal for those with single eyelids. This won't be able to help enhance those who already have double eyelids/tapered eyelids because the ends aren't wide enough.

Now to see how invisible they are.......can you even find it on my arm here?!

They go for $25 in each pack and will include the fork to help shape your lids.
Order yours here

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