[REVIEW] Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Foaming Wash EX

By Kristine Lam - March 03, 2013

Naruko has been on my to-try list for the longest time now since they are always featured on Taiwanese programs. My boyfriend went back to Taiwan in December so I had him grab a few things for me to try out. If you don't know already, Naruko is a Taiwan based skin care brand which is developed by the famous 牛爾老師 Niu er.

They have quite a few lines that target different skin types. I chose their rose and snow fungus line for moisture. And I also have an obsession around rose stuff so :p

I tried out the rose foaming face wash just a few days ago and I LOVE IT! I could smell the rose scent even before opening the seal :3 ... though this might be a bad thing for some people, I was very delighted hah. I was kinda afraid that my sensitive skin wouldn't like it because of the heavy scent/perfume in it but it turned out completely fine.

This cleanser also comes in two versions - one for Combination/Oily skin and one for Normal/Dry Skin. I'm using the ND one.

Another thing I liked is how it is completely sealed. There was already a layer of plastic wrap around the tube itself, but you actually have to twist open the cap and take a second seal off before you can use it. Plus for me!

This foaming cleanser is very thick in texture. A little goes a long way. Ulike most cleansers, you have to lather it up in your hands before rubbing it onto your face. This lathers up very easily and gives a lot of foam foam foam which is fun to rub onto your face -v- .. and yes it smells wonderful throughout the entire process.

One thing I always look for in a good cleanser is to get the clean feeling after but without the horrible tightness that is often attached with it. This Naruko cleanser does just that. Your skin feels refreshed and clean but the level of tightness is at 0. Plus again!
I haven't been wearing make up lately since my skin is not in its best shape so I don't know how well this removes make up. However, I would always recommend using a make up remover such cleansing milk or oil to remove make up first before using a facial cleanser.

- Cleanses well without leaving your skin tight and dry
- Cheap if you are able to get it locally in Taiwan ($189 NT which is around $6.50 CAD!!!)
- Smells wonderful

- Hard to get your hands on locally
- Can be a bit pricey if you are ordering online (~$18.00 CAD excluding shipping from Naruko Canada...thats like triple the price :\)

If you have anyone in Taiwan or Asia, be sure to get them to buy some Naruko products for you to try out -v- you won't be disappointed. I also have their toner and serum from the same line but I have yet to try them out. Will let you guys know how it is as soon as I finish my current ones :D

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