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By Kristine Lam - April 18, 2013

I discovered a wonderful nail site yesterday called esnail and they have the most beautiful collection of japanese style nail art! Unlike most japanese style nails, they are rather simple designs with the occasional 3d art. This is great because it means its much more do-able at home instead of having to goto the salon :D

Browse their designs @

Of course...after browsing the site, I was itching for some new colors so I picked up a few revlon polishes today :p

From left to right: Revlon Colorstay 050 Passionate Pink, Revlon Top Speed 335 Spirit and Revlon Brilliant Strength 220 Provoke.

I have only tried the top speed from Revlon's nail polish lines and loved it. Can't wait to try the rest! I still have the essie nail sticker on from last week so I'll wait til it chips off (it's too pricey to just take off x_x)

I bought their sleek collection stickers in "embrace the lace" a while ago but didn't get to use it til recently.

embrace the lace

I'm quite surprised it hasn't chipped even til now. I haven't had very good experiences with nail stickers in the past. I guess what you pay for is what you get! The sticker was really, really sticky and I even lifted it once slightly to adjust the position and it still attached on very nicely. Clap clap for essie!

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