Ombre Lips aka I-Just-Vomitted-Blood Lips

By Kristine Lam - April 18, 2013

Ombre has been a very popular trend in hair, fashion and even make up. The most popular would definitely be the ombre lip look. It's been spotted in a lot of Korean idols and actresses. To be honest,  I wasn't particularly a fan at first but I guess it's those things that kind of grow on you the more you see it .. and as my title suggests, I think it looks a lot like you've just puked up some blood >_> .. nonetheless...

It's pretty easy to do. All you need are:
- A (lip) concealer or nude lipstick.
I used the smashbox stick concealer because my lip color is a bit dark but a good nude lipstick will also do the trick.
*You can also try using a lip color that is one to two shades lighter than the darker tint you are going to use for a more subtle look.

- Preferably a lip tint in liquid form (ie. Tony Moly's Lip Tint or Etude House's Cherry Tint)
I find lip tints are easier to blend out into a gradient effect, but lipsticks are also okay. I would stay away from gloss because they are quite sticky (hard to blend) and can get eaten up quite quickly!

**Optional - q-tip for blending or lip brush.

I wish I took photos step by step but I completely forgot. Not to worry - like I said, super easy to do.

Step 1 -> exfoliate (pssst I am currently loving lush's lip scrub!) + moisturize lips with balm
Step 2 -> apply concealer/nude lip color either all over your lips if you have darker lips or just around the outer parts of your lips
Step 3 -> gently dab 3 spots across the centre of your lower lip with the darker lip tint/lipstick 
Step 4 -> blend together and start blending outwards, half way down your lips.
Step 5 -> optional but you can top it off with a clear gloss for a nice shiny finish!

This look is great with other colors as well. A very popular alternative is orange :D !
Thanks for reading and I also apologize for the lack of posts as it's been extremely stressful getting everything together for my graduation exhibit :'( .. good luck to everyone with final exams too!

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