[REVIEW] BRTC Green Tea Stem Cell Mask

By Kristine Lam - May 08, 2013

I got two of these BRTC masks from buying their jasmine bb cream from Sasa in Hong Kong. I will make another post on that bb cream since it is my absolute favourite and this is already my second tube. Anyhow, back to the mask!

I've been having some minor breakouts and redness on my cheeks due to stress and lack of sleep so these masks came at the right time. The mask claims to...
"Relieve stressed skin suffered from week days. This hypoallergenic soothing mask contains green tea stem cells with instant soothing effect and hydration properties."

The mask itself is made with lyocell fibres which are natural and biodegradable. Go green win! They even have cool DNA strand patterns on them - not sure if they help absorption or anything but they look awesome so :D

The material of the mask is quite tough and won't rip easily while unfolding. It is completely soaked in serum but not too much excess is left in the package.

 The cutting of the sheet mask fits great and there aren't too many air bubbles to be seen. I hate masks that move around after you've found best "position". It's like wearing clothes that's not your size D:

What would this post be without a dumb photo of me with the mask on ...

I forgot to take a "before" photo because I hopped right into the shower after taking my make up off, but take my word for it that this mask did calm down my red irritated cheeks!

After I took the mask off, I gentle patted and massaged the remaining serum into my skin. It felt a little tacky before I patted everything in, but after that my skin felt very refreshed and hydrated :)

These masks are sold in a pack of 5 for around $16-18 USD. I just checked on sasa but they are currently sold out but amazon and eBay also have them if you're interested. I would definitely grab a few when I goto Hong Kong again this year!

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  1. These mask are very reasonably priced!

    How long did the mask effect last? :O


    1. Like most masks the effect for this lasted for around 1-1.5 days :)

  2. Replies
    1. 差很遠 不敢當呢~呵呵呵>"<

  3. Thanks for the review. :) The pattern looks neat and your skin is lovely afterwards!