June Personal Favourites for Trinity Styles + Promo

By Kristine Lam - June 03, 2013

The weather has been going all crazy in the last two weeks here but we're finally getting some sunshine! This means it's time to pull out all the summer outfits - FINALLY.

Before all the pretty dresses, snapbacks have been super popular since kpop idols all started wearing them in various MV's etc (ie Girls Generation, Big Bang). The store stocked up various styles that have been popular in the kpop scene and my fave out of them would be one with BOY splattered boldly on top :D

Priced at $18.50 - Get yours here

I really love off the shoulder tops in the summer. Because I have no chest ;_; I only have my collar bone to show off. This particular top can be worn both on and off the shoulder with frilly lace hem which is a nice touch to the otherwise plain design. I've worn it in many model photos for the store's accessories - which is a big hint that I've probably kept one for myself!

This top is very easy to pair with pretty much anything - shorts, skirts, or tucked inside a longer maxi like I've done in the photo. The maxi skirt is made of 5 layers of gauze so it's really poofy! The inner lining is also nicely made so you don't have to worry about anything peeping through beneath the sheer gauze :P

Get the maxi dress here for $19.50
Get the off the shoulder top here for $25
Some more detail photos:

Necklace above is also a personal fave. It looks great with collar shirts and I'm in love with the wing-like design.
Get the necklace for $27.00 here

This necklace was one of the few that I knew I would keep as soon as I saw it!

There's something about the grey crystal that seemed quite unusual and caught my eye right away. I don't have a lot of long necklaces that work for summer outfits but this one was a winner!

Get yours for $19.50 here

This bag I MUST recommend to everyone purely because it is absolutely TOO adorable not to have.

A HUGE CAT FACE BAG. Now how can you NOT buy this? I've gotten so many compliments and :O-looks from people since the first day I brought it out with me. It is an oversize tote/shoulder bag which is very roomy and great for people with lots of stuff and/or school!

The material is nylon and the detail of the printing is absolutely amazing.

Get the tote for $79.99

Last but not least, set items are my #1 favourites for this months arrivals.

I was never a big fan of yellow until this spring when all the bright yellow/coral items became a big trend. The silky top gives such an elegant feel to the entire outfit and the shorts matches it perfectly. I really wanted to model this outfit but I was horribly sick last week so I had a friend help me out :)

This comes in two sizes (s and m) and you can get BOTH items for just $42.00!

I'm a big fan of miumiu and their poofy skirts have always been a signature style. This set outfit fits into the miumiu category perfectly with the silky top and bold skirt. Both set items are my favourite clothing products of this month and I would highly recommend them because of their quality and style. The skirt set here is only $38.00 for both the top and bottom!

Get the set here for $38.00!

If you don't know already, there is currently a free shipping promo going on for US orders over $50.00 (lowered from $200!)
And as a thank you for reading, enjoy 10% off all orders with the discount code below!

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