Recently...Part 2 (Adorabelle High Tea)

By Kristine Lam - June 02, 2013

I totally disappeared from blogging again because I have been overwhelmed with....well, LIFE! I have sooooooooo many review posts to do they are just piling up in a little corner right now. The store has been incredible busy specially today since there's a free shipping promo going on for US customers and international shipping has been opened up :D

Back to the girly stuff.
I got a chance to try out Adorabelle Tea Room's high tea with my girlies last week. It's a small tea room located in Steveston Village. camera was out of batts so all I have are photos straight from my phone ;3;

Forgot to put fancy filters for the photos :p ... take a break from all the instagram madness.

High teas are by reservation only and go for $25/person + tax + grat. The decor is beautiful (sorry I don't have any nice photos ;____; but google will show you plenty)
The food was pretty decent but nothing super wow worthy. The tea however was quite wonderful. I had their summer pick and it was a vanilla/yogurt + mango mix. It was part of their non-caffeine selection. One of my friends had the Japanese sakura green tea which was really good as well :3

One thing to note is the service though.
We weren't entirely impressed with the lady that served us (which also appeared to be the owner). First thing - we weren't greeted nicely with a warm smile which I usually expect at a place like this. She came by with the tea selection and placed it down with a loud clunk. We were never checked on to ask if we needed hot water etc. Pretty "meh" service if you ask me.

Overall Adorabelle Tea Room had very nice decor, decent food and tea - not a bad choice for a nice gathering with some girlfriends on a relaxing afternoon :)

Though I run an online store with a large selection of accessories, I tend to pick up a few things here and there out in the retail world once in a while hahah. There's something about going out to shop with friends that can't be replaced with online shopping sometimes!

I picked up a few accessories from f21 a few weeks back. If you follow my store's instragram (@trinitystyles), you may have already seen me post a ring set I've been loving from f21. On the same day I also grabbed these goodies. I have been wearing the pearl bracelet a lot and my friend said there is a very similar one being sold at Holt Renfrew (for probably 100x the price at f21 of course x_x)

As for reviews..I will be post on the following very soon:

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  1. Ooh love that mint and gold ring! Glad to see that you're still doing well! :) xx