[REVIEW] BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover

By Kristine Lam - June 09, 2013

It is only appropriate for me to review this cleanser after posting about their bb cream! I bought the BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream as a set which came with their compact powder and this cleanser in mini size. The full size comes in a pump packaging which I really like for cleansers.

Perfect Calming BB Remover 

Like most of BRTC's products, this also has many soothing plant ingredients that is great for those with sensitive and dry skin. This cleanser has my favourite aloe vera extract in it which is wonderful for my easily irritated skin. It is also oil free so it won't clog up any pores.

The consistency is watery-gel like, more watery than gel. It is a foaming cleanser so you rub this between your hands to foam it up then massage it onto your face. Interesting to note that on the site it says you can use it both in its liquid form and in its foam form. It suggests you to remove make up with it as a liquid, then create foam to do a second cleanse to remove any remaining traces of foundation etc.

I personally just foam it up and use it as a cleanser that way and I find that it removes pretty much everything in one go anyway!
Scent wise - a very light, subtle floral scent that shouldn't irritate anyone really.

I've been quite fond of this cleanser and been using it pretty much every time I have bb cream/foundation on. It does a very good job at exactly what it claims to - one step removal! My skin doesn't feel dry or tight after - smooth and clean. 

Pricing - appropriately priced at $25.00 + shipping for 200ml at BRTCstore.com but you can find cheaper sellers on eBay for sure ($16-20 with free shipping)
 I would definitely get this in full size when I have a chance in Asia later this year!

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  1. Ah, looks good - glad to see it works well for you! n__n