[REVIEW] Geo Holicat Cutie Brown Monthly Disposable Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - June 24, 2013

I haven't worn any circle lenses with nice designs on them for a while. I've been wearing the basic brown ring ones (geo coco 30 days) for the last few months. It's nice to see that geo has decided to expand their monthly disposable line with some new fancy designs! Most monthly lenses are just the plain enlarging ring :(

The one I'll be reviewing is the geo holicat cutie brown (orange packaging - super cute :3)

These have a dolly design with a dark brown outer ring. Though the design is bit more vivid, it's still wearable without make up. They have a diameter of 14.5 which gives a nice visible enlarging effect.

Close up:

With flash:

These definitely make your eyes pop! Great for photos and what not. Comfort wise, I had no problem wearing them for 6 hours. Usually after 6 hours of wear for, I would need some eye drops to refresh my eyes a little. In comparison to yearly lenses, these are a lot more breathable. I've gotten used to wearing monthly lenses so I realized how uncomfortable yearly lenses are! Yearly lenses dry out my eyes after 4 hours of wear.

These monthly lenses are slightly more expensive than yearly ones - priced at $24.39 / pair at eyecandys.com but a good trade off in my opinion for better comfort (and more hygienic!)

I still prefer the geo coco 30 design because it blends right in with my eyes but these are nice are photos and dolling up :D

**I'm not sponsored or affiliated with any company for this review**

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  1. Aw these are super pretty! I really like the color and size of these lenses. Please be sure to post photos of the other lenses as well! The art looks similar to Mari Kim's style, btw. Did she do the design? ;o

    1. I don't think she did the design for these but they are very cute indeed :3

  2. Replies
    1. yeah i know right <3 and much easier to open than the glass vials

  3. Thanks for the review ♥ I was really hoping for a review of the brown lenses :D They really suit you and look really nice *-* They remind me a bit of the Geo angel lenses but they're more natural than the GEO angel lenses :3

    Can I ask you something about circle lenses? I started using them 4 months ago. At the beginning they were fine and there weren't any problems but after about 3 months my lenses are moving ALOT whenever I blink or look in another direction. Everything is blurred for a second when I blink. Do you think it's because of my eyes got dry or the shape changed or is the lens expired? :o I'm really worried qq Thanks if you can help or give me advice :o

    1. I used to wear the geo angels too but the outer ring was a bit too dark and unnatural - these are much better :D

      Were you wearing them backwards? That usually happens when I accidentally wear them inside out. If that's not the case, I would suggest just getting a new pair!
      Whenever I find something uncomfortable with my lenses, I usually just chuck them out and open a new pair - your eyes aren't worth the risk! Even when I wore yearly lenses, I change them every 3-4 months just to be on the safe side :)

    2. yup, I think so too! The geo angel lenses look nice on pictures but they're so unnatural in rl :c
      I think I will flip them and try them on again if they're still the same I will just buy a new pair :/ I really don't wanna risk it because I'm so scared that my vision will become bad just because I wanted to wear circle lenses :c Thanks for your advice! It's actually really helpful to hear some advice from you :)

      oh, and btw, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award ! If you'd like to participate you can click the link and read what to do :D It's about posting random facts about yourself for your followers to get to know you better haha

  4. hi! i think these look great on you. and ive never seen this packaging before for circle lens! its cute~ haha reminds me of gum. anyways i just stumbled upon your blog, and im your newest follower via bloglovin'! keep up the great posts~ ahhh and cheers to you in your online shop successes!

    xoxo Sarah
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