[REVIEW] Geo Holicat Funky Blue Monthly Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - June 05, 2013

I ordered a few pairs of contacts from eyecandys a few weeks ago but they accidentally sent me a pair in blue instead of grey. However they handled this issue very quickly and sent me the correct pair in around a week :)

These contacts are part of Geo's new monthly disposable series. I suppose they're the "cat" series since they're named sexy cat, cutie cat .. and so on? :3
The packaging is adorable - win already! I ordered the cutie cat, sexy cat and funky cat was the wonderful accident they gave me.

I don't think I've ever worn blue contacts before but they're already in my hands so why not give them a try.

As with most monthly disposable contacts, they are in pouches instead of the glass vials. I like this packaging much more as they are sooo much easier to open.

The funky cat lenses have the signature dolly black outer ring with a layer of blue and gold in the center. Photo spam time!

Under window/sunlight:

I was surprised that these actually looked "blue" because most blue contacts on asian brown eyes turn out to look grey-ish instead. Wearing these with make up is probably a must for me because of the boldness of the design and colour.

:O blue lenses r blue
Comfort level is 5 stars as usual since they are monthly lenses. I have only been wearing monthly lenses for the last year and I find they are so much better than yearly ones. My eyes are usually red and irritated from 3-4 hours of wear with yearly. With monthly, I can wear them for at least 4-6 hours without much irritation. I'm so happy geo is coming up with more designs for their monthly lenses :D

These go for $24/pair and you can get yours @ eyecandys.com - no I'm not being sponsored!
Will try on the other two pairs of holicat lenses soon so stay tuned :3

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  1. Aww these lenses look really good on you! But they're so expensive because you can only wear them 1 month :c I wanted to try the brown lenses out :3 Can you write a review about the brown and grey lenses too? *^~^ thanks for reviewing, Kiyo

    1. If you don't wear them every day, you can usually wear them up to two months :)!
      I will review the other two soon~

  2. I can't wait for your review of the Cutie Brown! How's the comfort compared to Geo Coco 30? Coco 30 are my favorite lenses but I'd love something that stands out a bit more :).

  3. Cheap Geo Contacts are super comfortable. Most of the time, I forget that I have put the lenses into my eyes. Ease to wear that.

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