[REVIEW] Kerastase Elixir K Ultime Moringa Immortel (For Damaged Hair)

By Kristine Lam - June 05, 2013

I ran out of the morrocan oil hair treatment a while ago and my friend recommended this serum for me to try out instead. She says that the Kerastase elixir is very popular in the salon she works in and it is often sold out!

I have some seriously damaged hair from heat styling pretty much every day and I recently dyed + straight permed it. Chose the formula for damaged hair without a question.

It's quite a big bottle and you really only need 1-1.5 pumps for someone with super thick hair like me. It should last quite a while. I believe it retails at around $52-54 + tax which is a little pricey but you get quite a bit of product.

The smell isn't overwhelming and it has a nice hint of floral in it. The consistency is quite light and not too thick. I concentrate on applying this onto the ends of my hair and then use whatever is left to tame fly aways on the top of my head.

Hair fresh after wash. Frizzy madness. I had a not so wonderful straight perm experience recently and now my hair is pretty fried ... and also the copper tones in it - YUCK. My hair is too dry to go through anymore chemicals so I'll have to live with it for now ;___;

And after applying...

My hair is just WAY too damaged for anything to completely tame down all the frizzies but I would say this serum has done a pretty decent job. It feels much softer after applying it and smells wonderful. Another thing I love about this serum is that it can be applied on both wet and dry hair. Applying it to wet (by wet I mean towel dry) hair shortens your drying time and gives you a nice shine. But I'm not the type to carefully style with a blow dryer so I usually just apply it after my hair is dry + before ironing. Most people's hair is probably in a much better condition and this product would do much better than it looks on me.

I've been using this mixed with another serum on and off for around 2 months now and I still love it. It doesn't weigh your hair down as long as you don't over apply to the roots. Remember to focus all hair serum on the ends of your hair. Comparing it to the morrocanoil, I feel that the two are quite similar except the morrocanoil needs to be used on wet hair.

- Tames frizziness
- Smells lovely
- Light weight
- Pump packaging
- Can be used on both wet and dry hair.

- Pricey
- Only available in salons (I think)

Overall: This is a very nice hair serum for those with damaged hair. It is on the expensive side (same price range as morrocanoil) but a justifiable splurge for super dry and corase hair.

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