[REVIEW] Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

By Kristine Lam - June 02, 2013

Instead of starting my term paper, it is obviously time to post a review instead :D

This eye make up remover was recommended by one of my best friends. Shes been using it for the longest time so I decided to pick one up as I was running low on the clinique one. I got this for $6.99 usd + tax at a Fred Meyer store in bellingham. I think the price should be relatively the same in Canadian stores too.

I mentioned before that I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Lancome's bi-facil remover for a quite a while now so I've been trying out different eye make up removers. I use the infamous Majolica Majorca mascara almost daily so I really need a good waterproof eye make remover!
Lancome's bi facil remover is set at around $35 CAD + tax I believe. Clinque's waterproof remover formula is set at $22 CAD and this one is the most affordable one I've tried at $6.99.

So today we're looking to remove:
1. One light layer of base eyeshadow
2. Maybelline's Gel Liner (no tight line - just on the lids)
3. Boss character: Majolica Majorca Mascara (SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLY WATERPROOF)

As usual, I soak a cotton pad with the remover and leave it on my eyelid for around 6-8 seconds then lightly wiping everything off. Giving it a few extra seconds won't hurt since MJ's mascara is horribly resistant.

Here's the first wipe + dabs on the lower eye area. Not too shabby! There is still a bit of mascara left after though so I went ahead and added some more remover on the back side of the cotton pad for a second wipe.

Wipe two! Everything is pretty much off my eyes now and I just had to do a few final dabs on my lashes to make sure everything is clean.

And after rinsing with lukewarm water ... Oily residue? Very minimal. It's pretty impossible to be 100% free of the oil residue when using removers like this. No irritation for my sensitive skin+eyes.

 Here's more photos of my disgusting make up on two cotton pads for both my eyes (front > back)

Overall: A very nice and affordable eye make up remover that does exactly what it claims to do. This is going to replace my expensive high end brand removers for quite a while! However, I haven't tested this with removing heavy eye make up yet. But for daily make up removal, this is wonderful. Priced at $6.99, it will do pretty much exactly what the $22 clinique removers do (I would even say it's close to the bi-facil!)

Definitely repurchasing when I'm out.
Hope this was useful for you :'D

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