Aegyo Sal Mini Tutorial - They are NOT eyebags!

By Kristine Lam - July 25, 2013

For those that aren't familiar with the Korean term aegyo sal, also known as youthlites or love band
in english - it's the puffy pouch that's below your eyes usually when you smile (hence it's also known as the eye smile)

It's a feature that's really favorable in Korean culture. There's been some mixed opinions on them but I personally think it's quite cute :3

A lot of ulzzang's have aegyo sal and/or enhance them with make up.

Do not mistake them for eye bags though. It's easy to confuse the two because they're so close to each other. Eye bags are located at a lower position below aegyol sal (if present).

Even if you don't already have them, a bit of make-up can work wonders ~ Etude House even has a product specifically for this: Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker.

If you live in North America like me, Etude House products aren't the easiest to come by. However, aegyo sal's aren't really that difficult to recreate. All you need is a medium brown eyeshadow and a pearl highlighter. I like to use nyx's jumbo eye pencils for this. 

Because I already have aegyo sal, I skip the brown shadow and go straight to the highlighter. Pink tones tend to make your eyes look "puffy" which in this case is what we want so nyx's strawberry milk is the perfect shade. It's a more subtle effect. If you want a bolder look, use a pearl white highlighter instead.

Ja-jang ~ puffy eye smile!

Just for fun...I ps-ed out my aegyo sal to see how I would look without it since theres a lot of comparison photos like this for Korean celebrities :p  

Hmm big difference? y/n?! I still like my puffy eyes more!

If you haven't seen the korean celebrities without their aegyo sal you go:


Quite a big difference here right?!
Anyway hope you enjoyed this post and the mini tutorial <3

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  1. Thanks for this lovely tutorial!
    A few weeks ago I tried to do them too and they end up looking like eyebags :/ I finally know why and how to do them right :D
    You look great with aegyosals and I noticed that they'll make the eyes look a bit bigger too~

    1. I think the harsh brown is what gets most people! Using a pink tone is much more natural <3
      Thank you! I didn't really pay attention to my own aegyo sal until the korean trend came up XD

  2. This looks great! Such a huge difference with and without it :)
    I have a totally unrelated question,but what is your major?

    1. I major in interactive arts at Emily Carr :)

  3. Whoa, there's a huge different between the with/without! o.o

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  4. they looks much cuter with the aegyo sal! oh btw i have a video tutorial as well! i'd appreciate it if u could check it out :)

  5. You look just like them ulzzangs!

  6. awww really pretty!!
    I can really see the difference with and without the aegyo sal~
    please check out mine??

    xx Charmaine

  7. you really should try aegyosal tape from AEGYOlab,Thank me later