Just a Little Black Jacket

By Kristine Lam - September 04, 2013

Top - Little Black Jacket Tee
Bottom - Miumiu Inspired Umbrella Skirt

My personal favourite pieces from this recent store update. Simple but that's all we need sometimes.
Enjoy ~ <3

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  1. I always wanted to have a simple tshirt and I think the text on this tshirt is nice haha :D You're online store is awesome btw. but it's so expensive to buy there if you live in europe like me >< I really like the photoshoots on your online store tho. They look super professonal and high quality! ;o;
    ♡ Mindy http://mymychen.blogspot.com/

    1. simple print tee's are a must have :D!
      thanks for your kind comments ~ we're trying to make things more affordable for customers in europe soon!