[SPONSORED REVIEW] Geo Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - September 10, 2013

First sponsored circle lense post - cheer cheer and clap clap clap please!

 Maplelens was very kind to provide a pair of Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses for review. The package arrived in only 3 days via Fedex from Malaysia - talk about speedy shipping!

The lenses came packed in a snug fit box wrapped in bubble wrap inside a large fedex bubble shipping bag. The bag was big enough for the box to tumble around inside but because it was already wrapped in another layer of bubble wrap, no damage has been done :)

The geo princess mimi series are all 15mm one year disposable lenses. They have a water content of 42% and a base curve of 8.7mm. This one also has the large black outer ring for a super dolly effect.

 I have also tried the princess mimi almond brown previously - you can check that post out here

Design: These have a very dramatic design at first glance. I was a little scared I'd look alien-eyed with these but they are actually much more wear-able with minimal make up that I thought. Both photos above are taken in natural daylight.

The color isn't as vivid as their stock images show. However, 15mm is still slightly big for my somewhat small eyes. You definitely get the dolly effect though! I would prefer wearing these with heavier make up than not.

With better lighting and/or flash, you can see the beautiful mix of hazel and what looks like pink-ish brown on the lenses. The inner right of light hazel helps give your eyes depth but not looking like dead fish eyes x_x

With studio flash:

Natural daylight:

 Comfort: With these being at 15mm, I expected 4-5 hours of good wear before my eyes started to get tired and dry. And after wearing so many circle lenses, I was pretty darn close with my estimate :p

I wore them for 5 hours without too much problem but when I hit the 6 hour mark my eyes began to feel a little dry. When wearing them for work photos, flashes are constantly blasted at me so my eyes couldn't last as long with them on - I'd say around 4 hours of work leaves me with slightly red eyes.

**This is a sponsored review but all comments and opinions 100% honest and unaffected by the fact that the product is being provided free of cost**

These lenses are available at MapleLens for $20.90 USD along with many other styles. I think this is one of the cheapest places to get them. I previously bought my pair of princess mimi almonds for $26 or so! They also provide free shipping for orders over $50.00 - easily reachable minimum! 

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  1. These are one of my fave lenses!
    Too bad they feel uncomfortable for you after awhile :( I don't usually get that.

    Btw, love your eye make here! Simple but so cute

    1. My eyes aren't really good with contacts to begin with :(
      Thanks <3

  2. I like these lenses because they enhance your eyes because of the small ring around your iris haha Your eyes look a lot lighter and dolly-ish :3 It's bad that they're not comfortable for you :'c
    but thanks for the review~! :3 I love how flawless your skin is and your eye make up! You should make a small tutorial on this hehheh :D ♡

    Mindy ♡

    1. Thank you!
      Flawless skin is due to camera and lighting :p <3

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