[SPONSORED REVIEW] Geo Starmish Brown Circle Lenses from Lenscircle

By Kristine Lam - September 22, 2013

I will be reviewing the Geo Starmish Brown lenses that have been kindly provided by Lenscircle today!

Lenscircle is an online circle lens retailer that is based in Canada (and also ships from the US now). Shipping to BC was extremely speedy and arrived to me in 5 days from Ontario.

I've been wanting to try these lenses for quite a while now because they looked like they would be awesome for work photos :D

Here's the before and after photo featured on the store's site:

before wearing circle lenses

These lenses have been very popular among gyaru circles and japanese magazine models. Like the mimi series, these also have the dark outer ring and a light inner ring to give eyes depth and a dolly look. These are 14.5mm in diameter so the dolly effect is quite noticeable but not too over the top :)

In natural daylight:

 With make-up:

I really like the design of these lenses - they are more wearable than the mimi series without heavy make up because the black outer ring isn't as wide. Of course it looks even better with falsies and wat not :D

(Excuse my creepy pale lips .__.)
Comfort: Like most Geo monthly lenses, these were comfortable for around 6-8 hours of wear. I always keep eyedrops handy when wearing lenses so no problem anyhow :D

 If you are interested in trying out a pretty basic dolly style circle lens these would be an excellent choice! The design is more vivid than geo angels and blends even better if you have brown eyes.

And if you made it this far, I have good news because you can get 10% off your entire order at Lenscricle with the discount code:  

Hope you found this review helpful <3

**This is a sponsored review but all comments and opinions 100% honest and unaffected by the fact that the product is being provided free of cost**

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  1. wow, your skin looks sooooo flawless I'm so jelly T^T It looks so white and your pores are so small :0 You're so blessed with your skin!! :o And I heard a lot of stuff about these lenses, they're soo popular. I really like them from afar but I don't like how the pattern looks close up :/
    But thanks for the review, Kristine! ^-^*


    1. My skin really is just my camera I swear XD but thank you <3

  2. ahhhh I came just to say, i think your smile is really cute! :')

    Stars Aligned

  3. Ahh, you're so lucky that these look awesome on you! *u* They blend so nicely on your eyes.

    (And also, I was just curious - will Trinity Styles be stocking Rosebullet angora sweaters in the future? I think I've read somewhere that you did in the past, but I haven't been able to find any~)

    1. Thank you June :D
      And unfortunately that's an older style we won't be restocking :'( !!

  4. i agree with mindy, your skin is flawless loll. so pretty~ and i *think* i had these lens. these are the ones that dried out in my eye one day and popped out while i was driving... or maybe they just dried up in their container while i was traveling, can't remember. anyways looks pretty on you!

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog
    Enter My $75 Halloween Costume Giveaway (Ends 10/10, worldwide ok)

    1. Props to my camera's beauty mode :p
      I've grown to like these lenses alot!
      Thanks Sarah <3

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  6. these lens are absolutely beautiful
    and suit you well

  7. Wah you are ridiculously adorable and your skin! *___*

    I have decided to nominate you for Liebster Award, I hope you don't mind. You and your blog are just so cute and I think you are someone that everyone should follow n_n

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me <3 !