[SPONSORED REVIEW] Bornprettystore Holo Polish #1

By Kristine Lam - October 11, 2013

Bornprettystore's holographic nail polish is up for review today! 

I was sent this beautiful holographic nail polish for review by Bornprettystore.
It's my first time trying out nail polishes from their store and I was pleasantly surprised! In fact, it's my first time trying out any holographic polishes.

Shipping took quite a while as expected since they are located in China. It took around 3-4 weeks to get to me in Canada.

The size of the polish is quite small (6ml) and I was sent the color #1 from their holographic series. They have quite a few other colors available.

I applied three coats to get a opaque finish. The photo above was taken without flash under indoor light. I love the effect it gives off - just like how it looks like in the bottle!

Better yet, one bottle is only $4.59 with FREE shipping worldwide! You can get an additional 10% off your entire order with the discount code PEBQ10 - you're welcome :D

Get this holographic polish here!

**This is a sponsored review but all comments and opinions 100% honest and unaffected by the fact that the product is being provided free of cost**

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  1. this is very pretty! i think it is even prettier than the legendary OPI holo series.
    or maybe it's your beautiful nails? ;)

    1. hurhur -w- you're too kind
      and yes these are half the price of OPI too!

  2. wow your nails are in amazing condition! Do you use anything in particular to condition them?

    1. Thank you! They are better looking in photos than in person :p
      I don't use any particular products for nail care but I'm a hand cream addict so I think that helps with the cuticles :D

  3. Your nails looks super nice and clean, I love them! :D The holo nail polish looks really funny imo haha It has that nice effect :3 I need to check their site out, I lvoe free shipping haha xD