[REVIEW] Geo Holicat Sexy Cat Grey + Trinity Styles Mink/Horse Hair Lashes

By Kristine Lam - November 25, 2013

MIA from my blog again :( I need to force my self to post more. I have all these photos taken for posts but I have just been, I admit, too lazy to get writing -_-

I always come back from MIA with a review post, and this time is no different hahaha :p I was bored of using brown lenses for photos so I decided to open my only pair of grey left.

**This is not a sponsored post, I bought these lenses from eyecandys.com**

Out of the geo holicat series, I've reviewed all of them except for the sexy cat grey (red packaging). You can find the other two review's here and here. Like most grey lenses, these lean on the blue side when worn instead of a true grey. They are quite dark and does not really give you the "pop" I expected.

Official image:

I really wished it was more of a true grey thats in their official image than the bluey-hue we get :\
I think opaque grey's really give you the sexy cat-eye look when paired with a nice wing liner + smokey eyeshadow ;D

[I'm wearing the new horse hair lashes that are available in store now. I've actually been wearing this pair ever since the sample batch arrived a few months ago. Synthetic lashes really can't compare! The style being worn is Black Out
Mink lashes have been popular for a while but horse hair lashes are still relatively new. They are softer and much more realistic.
You can browse the entire collection right here and get 10% off with the discount code "LASH" @ check out. More on these in another post! ]

Color wise I'd say 3.5/5 because it's not exactly grey in my standards but the design is quite beautiful and blends nicely.

Comfort wise, they are pretty awesome since the holicat series are all monthly disposable - which means they are much thinner than yearly lenses. I can wear them for the entire day with minimal dryness :) definitely 5/5 here!

Hope you enjoyed this simple review ~ <3

Outfit: Angora sweater two piece set/Trinity Styles Skorts: Last season item/Trinity Styles

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  1. Aww you're so cute, Kristine! *-* I think these lenses look awesome on you and they're so natural :3 I read the review about these lenses in brown and they looked really nice on you too :D I might want to buy them when I need new grey lenses too ^-^* And I remember how you helped me out with a problem I once had with my lenses, I'm still really thankful for that c:
    Anyways, thanks for this review as always!