[NAILS] Perfumed Nail Polish? Yes Please - Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil

By Kristine Lam - March 25, 2014

Everyone in my family always complains about the horrid smell of nail polish whenever I do a mani. The idea of a perfumed nail polish is perfect in my case :p

I stumbled across Revlon's Parfumerie polish line randomly during a stroll at my local shopper drug mart. This color immediately caught my eye and the bottle is too cute with the bubble dome top!
I don't have much green tones in my collection. This was a perfect mix of jade + mint. It looks a bit more on the green side in person.  
The formula is absolutely amazing. What you see here is ONE coat. Yup just one! Topped it off with Sally Hansen's insta-dri top coat for a glossy finish.

Onto the most important part of this polish review: the SMELL
At first, I took a whiff by opening the polish and to my dismay it smelled no different from regular polish.  
HOWEVER, after applying it the smell became clear. I saw some bloggers describe it as smelling like sprite or 7up. To me, it smells like squash - as in the squash scent you can get for car fresheners/air fresheners. The smell lasts even after applying a topcoat!

Overall: Love the scent, color and formula! Retails at around $8 CAD + tax at local drug stores.
Would love to pick up more shades from the parfumerie collection for sure!

P.S - there will be more review posts soon on items other than nail polish. Apologies for all the nail posts because I've been suffering from an eye infection that's still healing at the moment so no make up for 3 weeks :'( !

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