[REVIEW] The Face Shop Face It Smart Capsule Color Control Cream

By Kristine Lam - March 07, 2014

Finally here with korean cosmetics review for everyone! Ever since I got back to Vancouver last week, I've been sick with a horrible stomach flu and now it has somehow morphed into a cold .___. BUT - still going do this post with a fever :p

I decided to hop onto the CC cream bandwagon after the longest time and picked this Face Shop CC cream during my trip in Hong Kong. I was originally planning to get the infamous banila co cc cream but fell for this one's "smart tone" color capsule (!??!! yes.) and because this appeared to have more coverage.

The packaging of this is quite nice - simple and clean with a pump design which keeps it fresh for longer (when compared to tubes since air doesn't get in)

This CC cream claims to have small "smart capsules"  in yellow, black and red that blends into a color optimal for your skin tone (I know, I bought this marketing gimmick :\)

The cream is initially white as you can see.

But once spread out, the color starts to change :D !!!

As you can probably see, this turned out quite "yellow" on my hand. This is because I haven't fully blended it out yet - just wanted to show how the color changes!

This does take a bit of blending and is best done with fingers as opposed to a brush - the warmth of your fingertips helps the color capsules work and blend nicely. Be careful not to apply too much though, as the texture can get sticky if over applied. One pump is more than enough for my entire face.

Looks peachy to me when I was wiping off excess to take photos...but the main point is how it looks on the face.

My sick + thousand year + allergy dark circle before face: 
**I forgot to switch off the beauty mode for all my before photos -_- my apologies**

Dab dab dab blend blend blend

After photos:
**Taken with my lumix and not casio so no skin smoothing here :)**

The coverage of this CC cream is perfect and I love the finish for this. It's not greasy-dewy but not completely matte either - just right! Using this alone evens out any redness around my nose and my pink puffy eyes. It doesn't look as yellow as it did on my hand - instead it blends right into my face.

Any dark dark spots would need some help from a concealer though - as this is just as a CC cream at the end of the day.

As I mentioned earlier, this does take a bit of blending and time to set in to adjust to your skin tone. BUT once it does - you get velvet smooth skin :)

This also has SPF 40 PA++ which means no need for sunscreen or primer!
Oil control wise - this was good for an entire 5-6 hours without setting powder.

- Color adjusting formula does works for most skin tones
- Light weight
- Subtle scent
- Soft velvet natural finish
- Strong SPF PA++ with no sunscreen smell
- Hygenic pump packaging
- Reasonably priced (~$20-25 on eBay - I got mine for $25 at Colourmix Hong Kong)

- Takes a while to blend and settle in

I bought tonnnns of makeup and skincare during my trip so you will be seeing plenty of reviews coming up <3 !

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  1. omg your skin looks sooo flawless even without make up!! You don't even need to wear any make up ! ;w; I heard so much good stuff about this cc cream and some people said that they're face looks photoshopped irl now haha xD But thanks for this review, Kristine! And your haul is awesome *-* I want to have all that stuff too *^*

    1. Flawless only because of the camera XD
      More reviews coming on all that stuff!