[SPONSORED REVIEW] NCLA Brillapalooza Transparent Nail Wraps

By Kristine Lam - March 12, 2014

I was kindly offered these nail wraps by NCLA for review by Nailpolishcanada!
I'm quite a noob when it comes to nail wraps as I never had too good of an experience with them except for Essie's which I did a sort of review here :p 

Each nail wrap includes a file for you which is handy :)

Application: As with most nail wraps, applying them with no air bubbles/funny edges is key and not always super easy to do. These ones by NCLA are meant to be stretched to get a smooth finish. 

Apply by the cuticle -> stretch out the sticker until it wraps nicely with minimal "bumps" -> smooth out

I found that top coat is optional with these as they already have a very glossy finish alone. It does help seal everything in though!

 You can definitely see a few knicks around the edges - but that was my first try ._. forgive me

 Since some of the designs are transparent, I layered them over a white base for accent. Perfect straight lines yesssssssssss :D

 Here's my second attempt - I love the heart and cross combination. Application really does take practice for these but the end result can be really nice when you stretch it just the right amount :)

These stayed put nicely with minimal tip wear for a good solid 5 days. Removal is pretty easy - just peel them off and clean up any residue glue with a bit of polish remover or alcohol wipe.

Overall here's what I think:

- Complicated nail art but fairly easy application process
- Long lasting
- High gloss finish
- Easy to remove

- Might be hard to apply at first (stretching method)
- A little pricey ($16 CAD/pack)

You can get this NCLA nail wrap and a lot of other beautiful designs at Nailpolishcanada
Hope you enjoyed this review ~ there will be a second post on the Mod Cherry wraps that were also sent to me soon :) !

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