[HAUL] The Face Shop is BACK!

By Kristine Lam - April 28, 2014

As many of you in Vancouver/Richmond may know...The Face Shop has reopened again at Richmond Centre! They had a store in the mall quite a few years back before the entire Hallyu/Kpop wave took over and unfortunately closed down. However, they just recently re-opened beside Starbucks in the mall and is creating quite a buzz :D

I know, I just came back from my Asia trip and I keep telling myself to stay away from this store but...GRAND OPENING BUY ONE GET ONE 30% OFF?
*walks right in*

And this is what I came out with after holding back as much as I could ;-;
I really wasn't looking for anything specifically but I did really need some body lotion and foot cream to prep for sandal season!

Quick overview of what I bought...

1. Macadamia & Shea Body Oil Lotion $13.00 - I have very dry skin all over and I've been suffering from some severe eczema lately so I grabbed this after taking a whiff. Smells really lovely but definitely not overpowering.

2. Rich Hand Hand & Foot Total Treatment $9.00 - Again, victim of extremely dry skin and my feet are calling out for help. Going to slap this on before bed time!

1. Face It All About Mascara 04 Power Curl $5.00 - Mascara junkie and this was $5 bucks. In the basket you go.

2. Face It All About Mascara 01 Base $8.00 - I love using mascara bases and this is also the white fibre type like Majolica Majorca so you're also coming into my basket :)

3. Lovely Me Ex Milky Tint 02 Baby Peach $9.00 - Always wanted a orange tint, and korean make up brands do lip tints the best. Packaging was an instant YES!

 Misc + Masks:
1. Face It Gel Touch Nails BL601 $7.00 - Me and nail polish ohhhh dear. Throw in the word GEL and you are automatically in the shopping basket. Has quite a few shades in this gel formula but I had most of the colors in my collection already so I opted for a bright blue!

2. Eyebrow Tweezer $3.00 - Needed a new tweezer and didn't feel like splurging $27 on a tweezerman from Sephora. The grip and tip for this looks pretty decent :)

3. Smile Foot Mask $4.00 - Again, prepping for sandal weather. These are the ones you pop on like socks but provide moisture instead of making them peel.

4. Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet $3.00 - Skin is really horrible these days due to stress+eczema+hormones so I really needed a treat. This has green tea in it to soothe and treat problematic areas :)

And on to the best part of asian cosmetic stores - FREEBIES!

 The packaging got me all excited - however...

Just a box of cotton pads :p
Okay, onto the main course here...

A package full of their most popular items as a freebie - yes please! Not too sure if you have to purchase a certain amount to get this. This contains a total of 6 sample sized products.

You get their super popular CC cream + BB cream. While we're on this topic of CC creams, I noticed they only had the aura CC cream but not the smart capsule one I reviewed earlier :( but this one has really good reviews as well so I'm excited to try it out.

Then the other 4 samples are all skincare. Sleeping mask, cleanser, toner and a moisturizer.

After discount..everything came out to be around $62 CAD after tax :D
PHEW that is all!
If you're in Richmond/Vancouver, I do hope this has got you on your feet running to the store :p

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  1. Wow, you got so many products! :)
    Love The Face Shop products <3
    Wish they sell korean products here (A)


  2. Awesome haul!
    Wow I wish they'd have those kind of sales here ^^

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I saw your blog post and instantly head to The Face Shop!! I also bought the milky tint and it's amazing!! =D


    1. Did you get it in orange as well? Went back for the other color today and they've already sold out XD

    2. yeah! the baby peach one :)
      and it smells so yummy XD