[OUTFIT] I Wish I Could #1

By Kristine Lam - April 17, 2014

This is going to be a start for a new series of posts - outfits that I wish I could actually rock outside the comforts of my room. I'm quite the impulse shopper when it comes to clothes and I have so many pieces in my closet that just never get to see daylight. Horrible habit, I know.

To start this off...crop tops..oh crop tops. I wish I had the courage to actually wear one out. I'm very self conscious about my curvy waistline. Even though I'm quite slim, there's no shape to it and I'm currently putting myself on a new work out routine to assess this issue .____.
| Top - Forever21 | Bottom - Trinity Styles |

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  1. I feel you!! But I think you should get the courage to wear them outside home too, they're just too pretty to not wear outside and it would be a waste , I think your waist is perfectly fine!! No need to worry ^w^ If you're still looking for good workouts I can recommend you the SNSD workout, it's good as additional workout :D


    1. Thanks <3
      I've been following blogilates' workouts on youtube and they work really well!

  2. This is such a pretty outfit! You look Gorgeous, elegant and quite sexy with the crop top! It's a waste not to wear this outside! ❤️

    Cheraine from http://CHANEXT.com
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    1. Aw thanks <3 more workout sessions needed before I can walk outside with this!