[REVIEW] Stylenanda 3CE 3Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer - Showtime

By Kristine Lam - April 03, 2014

Long awaited review for 3ce products is going to start rolling out in the next few days. I'm going to start off with one of their most popular products - lip lacquer!

I picked up my 3ce products at the Stylenanda flagship store in Hong Kong during my trip in January. I can't remember exactly how much they were but it came out to be around the same price as getting it from Stylenanda.com :)

I got this in the shade showtime which is a bright coral pink. I also picked up two in the shade pink boom as gifts for my friends <3
  Beautiful Park Sora wearing it as a gradient lip + full lip color.

Unlike lip gloss, lip laquers usually have a semi matte to matte finish. This dries completely matte and is perfect for achieving a gradient lip effect.
Swatch time - as you can probably see, this is EXTREMELY SUPER MEGA CRAZY pigmented! A little goes a long way. The best way to apply this I find is to dab 1-2 dots on your lips and then blending it with a lip brush or your fingers. Applying it with the sponge applicator will be too much in most cases.
I'm no Park Sora ;_; but here's how it looks on me
This is a very thin layer blended out with my fingers. The finish is just perfect but remember to moisturize your lips with a balm beforehand. The lacquer does settle a little in the fine lines of your lips otherwise.
You can get an even more pigmented effect if you continue with a second layer.
Close up:
The texture of this lip lacquer kind of reminds me of YSL lip stains. However, these do not stain your lips as heavily as YSL. Reapplication is needed after eating for sure. 
I absolutely love 3ce packaging. Simple but definitely gives off the high-end vibe. Couldn't help but snap a few more photos of this.

Fortunuately, you can get 3ce products directly from Stylenanda now as they ship worldwide. These lip lacquers are priced at $20.81 USD (not including shipping). Stylenanda also has flagship stores in a lot of locations in Asia now too - fingers crossed for Canada soon please (probably not in another 10 years ;___;)

Overall: 5/5 - just sad that I can't get these locally :'( would love to have gotten a few more colors.

To end, a selfie with candy pink lips <3

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