[ETC] Before and After...False Lashes

By Kristine Lam - May 13, 2014

Donald Tee from Trinity Styles
The introduction of falsies into my life has made quite the impact. They are super convenient once you get the hang of it . You can save so much time by skipping the annoyingly intricate mascara application in your makeup routine. Learning to apply them quickly + nicely does take quite a bit of practice though. Once you do, you can get an instant OOMPH to your entire look with just eyeliner + falsies!

That being said...I go through phases with false lashes. For a while in high school/first year university, I used to put them on almost every time I head out - sometimes even on school days.
After entering second year, that all stopped. If you're a 2nd/3rd/4th year, you know how things get with attending class - groggy 8:30 morning classes ... no one gives a crap about looking fab anymore :p

ANYWAY...I shall try to do a makeup post/tutorial on my looks for photos soon. My eye is healing from another sty break out so I've been on eye-make break for the past week :(

Until next post ~ <3

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