[ETC] Easy and Cheap Daiso Makeup Storage

By Kristine Lam - May 06, 2014

With my ever expanding make up collection, I stopped by Daiso a few days ago to pick up a few goodies to help organize everything. As you can probably tell, the clean up bug has hit me pretty hard lately.

You're probably wondering what the air freshener is for but I will get into that soon :p

I picked these two cute porcelain looking pen holders to store my face and eye brushes. $2 pastel goodness how can you resist? They're also available in ivory and white which I may pick up eventually...XD

And here they are in action! I used the air freshener beads you saw in the first photo to fill the holders. They help keep the brushes stay standing - works exceptionally well for smaller brushes for eyes in the pink one.

I got another divided container for other smaller brushes and tools - also filled with air freshener beads.

I also keep q-tips and some eye crayons + liners here that I don't use as often. Excellent for storing all sorts of misc stuff on your make up table.

I actually wanted something to store my blushes which are just lying all over the place right now. However, my lipsticks found their way into it and seem to fit a little too perfectly. Thinking of painting/spray painting this little tray to make it a little more exciting :)

Everything is available at Daiso for only $2/each if you are interested <3

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