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By Kristine Lam - May 02, 2014

Today's post is a little different and a little random. The cleaning bug hit me yesterday and I decided to completely reorganize my work space. Sadly, I forgot to take a before photo but there was a LOT going on my desk before this. Not sure how long this is last so best document this before all hell breaks loose again.

I've been working at home for quite a while since my business kicked off a few years ago. Adding blogging to the mix means even more time spent at this corner of my room. Nothing too fancy - not sure if this is really interesting but thought it would be nice to share something that's not beauty related here once in a while :)

Long and photo heavy post!

To start off...here's what's left infront of my monitor. I like to keep my most worn rings handy here along with a few other accessories. My readers from Valentino are also kept close by so I can pop them on. Fairmont hotel gift card yet to be used from the boyfriend and off to the side is my speaker and a small swarovski bouquet.

These glasses are actually over 5-6 years old - out of fashion but I wear them at home so whatever :p

My ring holder is actually a bottle nail polish :p
The crown top made it perfect for me to set my rings on.

And here's ALL of my favourite rings of the moment. Studs and stars clearly have a place in my heart.

Off to the left is usually my snacking area and where I put my phone + other misc. stuff.

Handy mirror is a must on my table. Last minute make up is sometimes done over here as well :p

And of course, snacks! I usually keep a fair amount of chocolate/candy around for my sweet tooth and energy boost ;)

Being the nail polish addict that I am, I keep my polish remover + base/top coat handy over here. I really love using the Sephora instant nail remover as it's mess free and won't stink up your room with the left over cotton pads. Hand cream is also a necessity after a quick mani. The Bliss ingrown pads are here because...I don't even know why :)

Oh another thing to mention are my Bose speakers. Like most people, I really enjoy listening to music so quality speakers/headphones are quite important to me. These were quite the splurge - I think something around ~$300 from christmas 5 years ago. HOWEVER, what you pay for is what you get. They are tiny speakers that deliver quite a punch as Bose is well known for quality > size. Great for those working in a smaller room/living space. If you're a music lover, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

And now onto the crazier section! On the right side is where I keep most of my stuff. I've been trying to get back into the reading mode with Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Trusty Casio calculator for work and matching Casio zr1200 camera (which is also for work at times :p)

The smaller basket has some nail tools and a face massage roller from Daiso for when I'm bored :p

Lip balms and eye drops are a must have at my work desk. I have severe allergies which results in really itchy and dry eyes. I use the rohto moisturizing eye drops (not the minty type) for dryness (and for contacts as well) which works wonders. These organizing baskets were a great find from Daiso a few years ago :)

Off to the side is where I keep my meds and what not. The huge rilakkuma is actually a tissue box cover which has now turned into the home for my 3 alpacas XD

That's all for now <3
Hope this didn't bore you out!

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  1. Omgg I love your rilakkuma cup! Where'd you get it from!? ♥
    The rings are really pretty as well, your table is so neat! Sadly no matter how much i try to reorganise my table it still looks messy :'(


    1. I got it off ebay a few years ago - can't find them anymore though :(
      I'm sure it's going to get messy again soon xD

  2. Your alpacas are so CUTE! Where are they from? :)

    1. I got two of them from Hong Kong and the smallest one was a gift :)
      I'm sure you can get them from eBay too!