[MINI HAUL] The Face Shop yet again

By Kristine Lam - June 08, 2014

If you follow me on instagram, you may have already noticed me talking about the all over perfume mist. I stopped by The Face Shop last week to pick up their cleansing oil to try out and ended up (of course) grabbing a few other things with me...

Their Rice Water Bright Cleansing Rich Oil ($13 CAD+tax) is one of their most popular products. It also comes in a light formula for those with oily/combination skin. I haven't actually used cleansing oils in the past. I've always used cleansing milk to get my make up off. However, the idea of getting the bulk of my eye make up off along with my base was beginning to appeal to me after starting my part time job. I'm usually pretty tired after work and want something simple and easy to take the day off my face.

I wandered over to their lotion/perfume section and the bottle of this perfume caught my eye! This Royal Garden All Over Perfume Mist can be used on your body, hair, clothes and even shoes! It has an odor eliminator that helps get rid of unpleasant smells and adds a pleasant fragrance. It comes in 2 scents: one being this romantic blossom and the other is a baby musk scent. Can't remember the exact price of this but I believe it was around $12-13 as well. I've been using this routinely ever since!

And I had to get a few new polishes (I totally need more)

These neutral shades are part of their bridal nail collection. I got all 3 shades featured in this collection because they were only $4 each and I can't resist nudes tehehe. The pink and pale nude have a pearl finish and the white is just a fine glitter top coat. Comes with a big fat brush which I love.

I quickly tried the pink polish:

A little streaky after 2 coats but I do love the color!


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