[REVIEW] Daiso Double Eyelid Tape - Beige Type

By Kristine Lam - June 25, 2014

Double eyelid tape is one of the most important "makeup" items I use on a very daily basis. I have tapered double eyelids that are a result of using glue+tape for a long period of time (read more here). Now I use eyelid tape to achieve a thicker crease line which (I think) looks better :)

I've been trying out a new eyelid tape from Daiso since they looked great on my friend! These particular ones are made in Japan. 64 pieces in 1 pack for $2.00

The special thing about these is that they are skin colored so they should blend in better.

Because I already have double eyelids, I apply this just slightly above my crease to make it even bigger.

As you can see...these are slightly too dark for my pale skin :p .. but they blend in better after applying eyeshadow.

Before - Left | After - Right

I used my regular clear tape on one eye just to compare and see how they look with and without makeup.

Left - My regular eyelid tape (no color) | Right - Daiso skin color tape

You can't really see tape on either eyes when I'm not looking down.

It's a little difficult to apply eyeshadow on top of clear tape. The skin tone tape blends in a little better when you have neutral shades on your lids.

This is how it looks after finishing all my eye make up :)



Overall, I would still stick to using clear tape when I'm not putting on a lot of eye makeup since they are too dark. However, these do look pretty natural if I do apply eyeshadow underneath :) so I guess I'll be saving these for heavy make up days!


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  1. I think it looks very natural on you~ ^ ^
    And your eyes are so beautiful with and without eyelid tape! ^ - ^

  2. Do they have the reflective shine like other eyelid tapes? Or are they matte :O

  3. Hi! Do you know where sells these? I used to use the exact same one too! I've been looking at every daiso and but they seem to have disappeared :(