[REVIEW] Geo Coco2W Brown - 2 Week Disposable Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - June 06, 2014

**This is not a sponsored post**

Haven't done a circle lens review in ages! I've stopped wearing yearly lenses for quite a while now except for photos and switched over to monthly/weeklys. The original Geo Coco30 is always a favourite of mine for every day.

These Coco2w as the name suggest are a two week disposable version. They come in a pack of 2 pairs (4 lenses) with a case included inside the box.

These are probably my all time favourite natural lenses. Because these are 2 week disposable, their water content is a lot higher at 40%. I wore these from 9am in the morning til 7pm with no discomfort :) ! If you have sensitive eyes like me, bi-weekly/daily lenses are your best bet for comfort.

The design blends in so well that you barely notice them. At 14.2mm, the effect is extremely natural yet it still gives your eyes a boost of energy :) great with and without make up!

Natural lighting:

With flash:

I got these from Pinkicon for $18.50 USD. They are also now available at Eyecandys for $26.80 USD (?!) ... now you can make your own decision on this since I'm not sponsored ;)

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet review!

**This is not a sponsored post**

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  1. These lenses look so natural and super cute on you, Kristine *-* But they're so expensive and last for only 2 weeks :o


    1. They come in a pack of 2 pairs so they will last you a month :) $18 USD is pretty reasonable for a pair of monthy disposables! <3

  2. They look indeed very natural and pretty on you!
    Thanks for introducing this site. I'm glad to see that they carry many NEO designs at affordable price. I will definitely order from them.

    1. They also carry a lot of 3ce and korean face masks <3 be sure to check those out too!

  3. If you didn't tell me this was a lense review I wouldn't have known your were wearing lenses! There's so natural!
    They do however look very pretty in the close up shot. I't's like your eyes are sparkling ^^

  4. Hello~ Do you perhaps know any lenses that will look like these? I'm looking for a brown & very natural looking 14,2mm lenses that will last 1 year ^^
    Btw you look so pretty! Thank you for the website recommendation I'll definitely check them out, is the shipping cost expensive though? o: