[REVIEW] Snow White Milky Pack - Instant Whitening Mask!

By Kristine Lam - June 04, 2014

**This is not a sponsored post in any way**
In hopes of a brighter complexion (and legs) for the summer, I got this whitening mask from Cosmetic Love in my previous mini haul. I tried it on my face the day I received it because I was eager to see how the results were! Their official before and after photos look pretty impressive.

You pretty much just slap a layer of this on after cleansing your face and leave it on for around 3 minutes and wash it off. It's quite thick in consistency so you don't need too much to cover your entire face. This is good for larger areas of your body (ie. legs/arms) because it won't use up like half the bottle for just your legs :)

I'm having mixed thoughts about this mask. First of all, the product is VERY hard to get off. It leaves a film of residue on your face if you just casually rinse it off with warm water. BUT - this residue leaves a white cast on your skin which is why you look instantly whiter. I try to get most of it off with a warm wash cloth and you can see the results below:

Excuse my naked face and crazy eyebrows. As you can see, I do look very pale in the after photo. It was more of a sunscreen white cast at first if you don't continue rinsing for a little while. From what I get, this is a temporary treatment that lasts for a day before you cleanse again. I don't think actually whiten your skin in the long run because it's seems like only the residue is actually giving the whitening effect.

Overall: 3.75 (?!) /5
This is a great treatment before a special event - ie. wedding, photo shoot, graduation...etc because you get an instant but temporary whitening effect. That being said, I'm not too sure this will be good for your skin in the long run since it is leaving a film over your skin...but I haven't experienced any break outs from this yet! This is appropriately priced at ~$14.50 and you can get it here - shipping does take a while though!

Thanks for reading and hope this helps <3
**This is not a sponsored post in any way**

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  1. Wow judging from the official photos and yours the results are pretty impressive!
    I'm not usually into whitening but I do tan really easily which means I'm very prone to tan lines!! Maybe this would be a good product to even them out?
    Thanks for the review :)