Hair Update - Ash Ash Ash

By Kristine Lam - July 31, 2014

You might have noticed already that my ash/blonde hair has disappeared rather quickly. The ash tones washed out after 2 weeks and I was left with yellow blonde as you can see above.

It doesn't look that bad - but my roots were starting to show after a month so I figured I might as well make a trip back to the salon for color + treatment again. Blonde hair is such high maintenance and having to color my brows everyday was getting annoying :\

I still wanted something on the ash side. That was pretty much all I said to my stylist Enid and let her do her thing!

I was sooooo happy with the color I got (again!) - It's a medium ash green but something a little more. I don't even know how to describe it properly - green + purple and brown all together! Ash tones fade fairly quickly so it will fade to a medium ash brown after 3-4 weeks of washing.

Here's what I had after 2 weeks or so:

Ash green still visible! But most of the purple-y hues have washed out :( ... and another 2 weeks later:

Still no sight of ugly brassy red hair - thanks to all the bleaching before this!

Under bright sunlight it looks something like this ~ a nice medium ash brown.

Having short hair gives me so much more freedom on hair color. There's less to worry about because..well there's less hair! Shorter frizzy sections and frequent trims will get rid of most damaged ends. More on my hair adventure soon :3

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  1. That ash brown hair actually looks really good on you and I have always loved ash-y (?) hair tones *__*

    By the way... I have nominated you fot the Liebster Award! >.< you can check out my last post to know more about it:

    I really like your blog and you are hella cute (^ν^) lol
    With love