Manicure Monday - Studs And Things

Firstly, I apologize for my lack of posts lately. Life and work is getting a little hectic. All I've been able to squeeze out for the blog is a mani monday post this week again :(...and it might remain this way for the next few weeks. I will try to schedule a few posts if possible to keep this blog lively-ish!

Temperatures are dropping below 0 here and it's freeeeeezing! This calls for all the dark and gloomy shades on my nails as well - but I ain't complaining about that part ;)

If you follow me on instagram (@kiyoko), I did post about grabbing two essie polishes for uber cheap a while back! Half price off these babies - Vested Interest, a muted greyish-teal and Cashmere Bathrobe, a dark grey with microglitter.

I thought the grey-ish tones would go nice with some silver accents. Studs were the perfect option along with a metallic silver on the ring finger.

And for the thumb, I went for a matte black with a glossy tip. I was definitely feeling extra fancy with all the different textures in this manicure!

Are you switching up your bright nails for darker shades for the cold weather?

Kristine Lam


  1. Wow I can't believe how cheap you bought those essie nail polishes for! Over here in Australia it costs $18 for one :( And wow!! Whilst it's like below 0 over where you live it's 41 degrees here :'(
    I love your studded nail design, it's so chic and fancy!! Where did you buy those studs from?? I need to find myself some :))


    1. Wow that's way too expensive for Essie! The studs are from bornprettystore :D

  2. Oh my, gotta love this manicure! Love every design on your nails <3
    The studs are completing the whole manicure :)

  3. the colors are gorgeous and i love ur manicure!