My Top 5 Nail Polishes For Fall And Winter

By Kristine Lam - December 06, 2014

Nothing like a few fall polish favourites after a short MIA from the blog right? I've been loving a wide range of colors for the winter days. It's getting really dark and gloomy out with the rainy Vancouver weather recently. To match the rainy weather, the Zoya polish in Neve is just perfect. It's a beautiful metallic blue with blue and pink micro glitter. A classic vamp polish in my collection would definitely be Kensington Highstreet from Nails Inc Gel Effects Polish. What I love in addition to the gorgeous color is the long lasting effect you can get from their gel effects collection - a week with only tip wear and no major chips! And of course, a classic red is a must (specially with Christmas coming up faster than ever!) and my pick would be this gorgeous deep red shade by Nicka K New York in NY139 Ripe Apple.

I've been venturing out of my usual shades with Essie's Vested Interest - a muted grey-teal. Definitely a big switch from the bold reds and blues. Moving further towards neutral tones, I've also been in love with this white micro glitter polish from The Face Shop. I layered it over a white polish for a snowy effect which was perfect for the weather we had last week.

What shades have you been rocking this winter season?

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  1. Hi there, new reader here =)

    I loveee the zoya polish. It's so pretty.

    By the way, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog =) It's kind of like a tag, where you fill out questions and nominate 10 new blogs with less than 200 followers! Check it out if you're interested in participating!