[NAILS] Greyfitti and Platinum Adorn

By Kristine Lam - February 07, 2015

I've been obsessed with really pale greys and blues lately. Greyfetti from Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Polishes was a perfect combo of both. I did a brief review on the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish + topcoat a while back if you're interested!

A TL;DR for the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes would be great formulas, great brushes and wonderful lasting power. They can go for a good 5 day with no chips and minimal tip wear if you cap the free edge.

Greyfetti was opaque and evened out in two coats but if you're a perfectionist, go for three thin coats.

To jazz things up a little, I applied some glitter at the tips. This gorgeous mixture of tinsel and hexagon glitters is called Platinum Adorn by Maybelline Color Show Jewels.

Simple is good ;)

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  1. Ooh! Such a pretty mani! I love that shade of bluish grey and I really hope I didn't accidentally pass on Platinum Adorn.

  2. That glitter added makes the whole look just pop! I have yet to try the Miracle Gel, though I've wanted to. Sally Hansen has always made such good products I don't see why that one would be any different.

    1. I would highly recommend trying the miracle gel collection - their formulas are awesome!