[REVIEW] Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - February 05, 2015

Haven't done any circle lens review for ages! I've only been wearing the super natural Geo Coco 30 for the past year. I picked up a few colored lenses to switch things up and the first one I'm going to review will be the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey by Geo. I've previously reviewed these lenses in Chocolate Brown and Almond Brown too!

How it looks in white studio lighting:

The design has a signature black outer ring which gives a dolly eye effect and has two tones on the inner rings to blend in with your natural eye color. The grey tones are pretty true to color as most grey lenses tend to look a bit blue on brown eyes. The Geo princess mimi series are all 14.5mm one year disposable lenses. They have a water content of 42% and a base curve of 8.7mm.

How it looks in natural light:

These lenses are great for photos and really make your eyes pop! I would recommend wearing these with make-up though (as with all grey lenses) because they stand out so much. I love wearing these with a cat liner look ;)

Comfort wise, I always limit myself to no more than 6-7 hours for circle lenses and these are slightly dry when reaching the 5-6 hour point. Other than that, they are pretty good :)

More circle lens reviews to come so stay tuned :D

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  1. I've never used circle lenses before, but these ones look cute and still look natural :D
    BTW you're really pretty!


  2. These lenses look gorgeous on you. I always wanted to get these type of lenses with more design. however, they are usually yearly....I am just too lazy to clean them each time.

    1. Aw thanks! You can check out the geo holicat series which are monthly but have vibrant designs as well <3