[NAILS] Etude House Enamelting Gel Nail System

By Kristine Lam - March 11, 2015

 I was super excited when Etude House first announced the release of their own gel nail system. I ordered them as soon as they became available but unfortunately, my package took a good 2 months to get to me :( ... but on the bright side, at least the package wasn't lost!

They have quite a big range of colors despite being such a new collection. I picked out 3 colors that I would always wear in any season - #7, #14 and #15.

Application is simple and straight forward. These are LED cured gel polishes so make sure you have the right lamp!

1. Prep nails by removing any oil or residue with alcohol - push cuticles back.
2. Apply gel base coat
- Cure for 45 seconds -
3. Apply 1-3 thin coats of color depending on the opacity
- Cure for 45 seconds between each coat - 
4. Apply gel top coat
- Cure for 45 seconds - 
5. Remove sticky residue using 90% alcohol or any gel polish cleanser
Total time needed? Less than 10 mins from start to finish!

Swatch for #15 Lady Lady

Swatch for #14 Lingerie Fit

Some tips for applying gel nails at home:
- Do not get any gel polish on your cuticles. Pushing your cuticles back as prep will help. Any gel polish that gets onto your skin may cause lifting.
- REMEMBER TO CAP THE FREE EDGE! This is why at home gel manicures don't last as long 99% of the time. Even if you're lazy to cap the free edge for each layer, at least do it for the base and top coat. This will make your manicure last much longer.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with these gel polishes! They're extremely affordable going at $6-7 usd/bottle in comparison with Sally Hansen's Gel Polishes which go for $15/bottle. Unlike cheap eBay gel polishes, these do not have any strange plastic-y smell to them. The quality is extremely good for their price. The consistency of the color polishes is a bit on the thick side so be sure to apply thin layers. I used 3 thin coats for an even opaque finish. If applied on too thick, the polish may not cure properly and you'll have a really thick nail in the end - yuck!

**Update 2/23/2016 - I would not reccommend the base and top coats from them as they do not last very long - even with all proper prep work on the nails. The color polishes are great though!

You can get these polishes at Etude House's Global Site or online Korean cosmetic stores like Cosmetic Love / Jolse

**FYI, this post isn't sponsored**

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  1. I really want to try these polishes, the gels, I'm just so messy with regular polish. Those colors are so nice.

    1. These are good if you're just getting into gel nails for sure :)

  2. i got a couple of these while I was in Korea and I love them! I am tempted to go to Korea and get all the colors in the entire collection!

    1. They're super easy to work with and all the colors are beautiful <3!

  3. omg your nails are so freakin perfect. that last color - i think i need it in my life!

    le jolie

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm loving the glitter collection they just came out with as well :D Also as a side note, these work in regular/non LED UV lamps as well, so customers who don't have an LED lamp but do have a regular lamp shouldn't be discouraged. Both types of lamp emit the exact same form of light, UV, the only difference is regular lamps use gas filled bulbs that need replacing every few months (the gas slowly depletes/weakens), and the LED use LED bulbs which will last virtually forever, and emit a stronger light, which means LED is faster to cure (30-45sec) whereas regular lamps take 2-3 minutes. Hence most nail salons now prefer LED since they are a lot faster and the bulbs don't need replacing. :) I am a nail technician so I thought this would be helpful for others to know, as often gels say 'LED only' etc but it's all just a marketing ploy to get you to buy their own LED lamp, gel polishes of ALL brands with ALWAYS work in both LED and regular lamps, since all of them cure via exposure to UV light, which both lamp types provide exactly the same ^^