Natural Ombre Rescue Mission - Ash Brown Without Bleach

By Kristine Lam - March 06, 2015

Cheers to freshly dyed roots and a new color! It's been quite a while since I last visited the salon for coloring and my roots have grown out completely. To make things worse, I had not two but three colors in my hair - ick. There's my roots, a medium brown section and my bleached ash brown section from before. In other hair was a friggin color disaster.

To illustrate what I mean.................
Crazy, I know. This photo was already from a few weeks back - so you can imagine how bad the roots got recently!

My hair is quite damaged from bleaching it to the light blonde last year and I really didn't want to go through all of that again. However, I still wanted a neutral brown as opposed to the coppery/red that we always get from DIY dyes. There's no permanent way to achieve this without bleaching because Asian hair tends to have a lot of orange/red pigments in it.

After discussing with my stylist, we decided to go down the route of toning to neutralize the copper tones instead of bleaching them out. Because there's 3 colors in my hair, each section had to be treated differently.

The black roots and medium brown sections had to be lifted to a light copper brown and copper dye was applied to the bleached ash hair to neutralize it so I can have a uniform color in the end. After all that, toner was added to each section to cancel out copper/orange tones to achieve a neutral ash brown.

The color pigments deposited by toners aren't permanent and will eventually wash out. This is the only way to get any sort of ash tone without bleach :)
The entire process took around 4 hours (yes, my butt was flat at the end) and I'm so happy with the results! It's definitely not as ashy as before but a very beautiful neutral brown.

Many thanks to my wonderful stylist Khoi for the awesome job. He is the one that did my life changing bob cut and now the only person I trust to cut my hair right. Bang cuts were always nerve racking for me but that is now a thing of the past :p

If you're interested in getting your hair done by Khoi, he is available at the Hennessey Salon in Richmond Centre - (604) 482-3262

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  1. Your hair looks very nice!


  2. *u* you are so cute!!!!!!
    I dont have much experience toning dark hair and reading your post really helps! Suits you really well btw :D

    1. Thank you so much <3 glad this helped!