[REVIEW] Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Rescue Mask

By Kristine Lam - June 17, 2015

Does your skin ever feel like shizz? I'm sure the answer is a yes 10/10. Deep cleansing masks are my go-to's when it comes to crappy skin days. My forehead suffers from the most break outs and a purifying mask always seems to help calm everything down.

I picked this Origin's Out of Trouble mask after watching Estee from Essiebutton's numerous vlogs where she just slaps this on and chills out after a crazy day.

The texture is very thick, like most purifying mud/clay masks. Not gonna lie, the smell is HORRIBLE. It smells exactly like tiger balm. Yuck. The smell really turned me off on this one but the results however are quite nice. I tried this on a huge cystic acne that popped up on my boyfriend's chin. It was sooo red and nasty I wish I had taken a before photo. The redness faded significantly after putting this on as a spot treatment for 10 minutes. This goes the same for all my small red bumps on my forehead.

Overall: Stinky but effective for areas with breakouts. Slightly costly at $29/tube but it should last a while since it should really only be used on small/affected areas.

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  1. This sounds like a great mask, besides the horrible smell XD
    My forehead is also suffering from breakouts right now :S
    I guess it's because I ate too much snacks and unhealthy food these couple of days haha
    I haven't really found a great mask for breakouts yet, might need to give this a try :)
    Thank you for reviewing Kristine <3
    Hope you had an awesome time at Hawaii ^^


    1. I have little self control with snacks too ;-; ... time for skin rehab!
      Hawaii was absolutely wonderful <3!