[REVIEW] Nail Aid NO-RUB Power Gel Acetone Remover for Glitter Nail Polish

By Kristine Lam - July 22, 2015

 I do love glitter polish but as you all know, they are a pain to remove. The idea of not having to scrub the living daylights out of your finger nails to remove glitter was quite appealing. This acetone gel from Nail Aid is said to remove all glitter in one go with no rubbing involved. You can get this in Walmart or online via their website Norubgel.com

I was a little skeptical about this but I figured the idea is the same as wrapping your fingers in foil + polish remover. You are to dip your fingers into the jar and cover them with gel - leave it on for 4 minutes and wipe off with a paper towel.


I had a mixture of both small and chunky glitter just to see how well this product does with both. Remember to wipe off the gel with ONLY paper towel and nothing else (no cotton pads, tissue etc) because it will get stuck to your fingers!

The gel can be a little drippy so be careful to stay away from fabrics/laundry/furniture while you're doing this.

And ta daaaaa! Mostly everything has come off but a few bigger pieces of glitter is still there. This is the case for most chunky glitter I've tried. Small/micro glitter removes very well with this but chunky pieces still need to be scraped off. I'm still quite impressed as this saves a lot of trouble (no foil-y mess!) The hard to reach edges can still have some polish remaining so you may have to follow up with a bit of remover.

Any residual gel can be washed off using soap + water and you're all set to go for another mani!

If you love a bit of glitter polish, definitely keep one on your shelf!

**This is not a sponsored post in any way**

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  1. This sounds so easy to use but it sounds alittle unhygienic because you dip them into the mixture :-( I think there was also a peel off base for nail polishes with which you can peel off your nail polish very easily!

    Mindy ♥

    1. Always wash your hands and scrub with anti-bac soap before using :) I find peel off base coats chip way too easily but they are an alternative yes :D

  2. This would not be unsanitary as its a jar of acetone. That would kill just about any organism that stayed in it for any length of time.