Hello, Bob.

By Kristine Lam - August 22, 2015

I was actually trying to grow out my hair again but being the sponteanous Gemini that I am...a bob cut happened 2 days ago. My friend/stylist was doing a demo at the Vancouver Community College for their hair design program so I was the hair model that day :)

The day prior to the cut, I went in for a new color as well. I've had brown hair for such a long time and wanted to try something new. I wanted to try purple for the longest time, but wanted to go darker for the winter...so we put in a wash of cool purple toner in instead of using dye. Toner is sort of like demi-permanent dye so it will eventually wash out.

The result is pretty awesome. My hair looks black indoors and the purple is very subtle. But when the sun hits, its purple! And I am so happy with the new bob style. I've actually gotten a similar cut last year but this one is even shorter. Washing and drying my hair has been sped up by 50% or more wheeee.

The awesome Khoi from the Hennessey Salon in Richmond Centre (604-482-3262) is responsible for this life changing color and cut. He definitely knows what he's doing, specially if you have coarse, crazy asian hair ;)

(No, this is not sponsored)

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  1. Love the bob cut!! You look absolutely amazing <3