[NAILS] Heart French Manicure

By Kristine Lam - August 14, 2015

You might not remember but I attempted the marc jacobs doggy nail art a while back here and I decided to give it another go during this gel manicure for a friend! I have to say, its much easier to do complicated nail art with gel polish since nothing dries until you cure it! You can always wipe off the mistake and re-do without having to start all over from base coat.

Heart french tips have been growing more and more popular. I think they're really cute even when it's not in red! I opted for a pastel blue/grey color combo with silver and pearl accents.

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  1. So cute!

    I really need to try gel polishes. I love that you have to cure them to dry them. Gives you more time to work!

  2. Great nails~! They're super cute <33