[REVIEW] Tony Moly Water Bomb Sleeping Pack ft. Qdepot

By Kristine Lam - August 08, 2015

Sleeping packs are great for lazies like me. I have a ton of sheet masks but putting them on can be a bit of a hassle. Qdepot kindly sent this Tony Moly Water Bomb Sleeping Pack for review recently. The timing was perfect as the weather here in Vancouver has been extremely dry in the last few weeks!

Qdepot is a large online Korean cosmetics retailer that carries popular brands such as Banila Co, Tony Moly, Missha and many others! They offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $69 USD or a low rate starting from $2.99.

The consistency is slightly thicker than gel but not quite a cream either. The first time I used this as an actual sleeping pack - so it was applied as the last step of skin care. I found that it absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave any sticky film behind (a common downside for sleeping packs). I didn't have to worry about my face sticking to the pillow as I slept.

That being said, I don't feel like this is moisturizing enough to be an overnight sleep pack. The product seems to absorb/partially evaporate (?) within minutes and there's nothing left on my face. However, the skin does feel smoother and plumper immediately. 

That being said, this product can be used before applying make up because of the immediate moisture boost without any sticky residue. Apply a thin layer before foundation/bb cream for a smooth finish.

 Overall: 4/5
- Effective, almost instant results
- No sticky residue
- Can be used before make up as a moisture booster/base
- Not quite moisturizing enough as an overnight treatment


*This is a sponsored review but all comments and opinions 100% honest and unaffected by the fact that the product is being provided free of cost

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  1. I love sleeping packs/masks~ It's too bad that this product is not moisturizing enough :( that's something I personally prefer.

    Great review :>

    xx Courtney

    1. Yeah :( but it can be used for make up prep which isn't too bad!

  2. hmmm it seems like the product's purpose is as an overnight treatment so it's disappointing that it's not moisturising enough!!
    i lovelovelove the Laneige sleeping pack. it leaves my skin feeling so smooth!
    have you tried it before?
    will sign up to q-depot! am always looking for new places to buy from. ^_^*~

    ♥ Bec

    1. I actually have tried the laneige sleeping pack :) I love it as well!