[REVIEW] Geo Eyevelyn Brown Silicone Hydrogel Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - September 08, 2015

 I've been super excited to try out the new silicone hydrogel circle lenses for quite a while now. Eyedodo was very kind to provide these Geo Eyevelyn Brown lenses for review recently. All their lenses come with adorable animal cases and a cute gift box package.

What's so special about silicone hydrogel lenses? They are a new material used for contact lenses that has a whole lot of benefits.

TLDR - UV protection, extremely breathable and bacteria resistant. 

I've been wearing daily circle lenses for a while now so I was curious to see how they compared comfort wise. These are yearly disposable circle lenses. However, I usually throw out yearly lenses after 3-4 months for hygienic issues. 
Surprisingly, these felt very similar to dailies! You don't get that "stuffy" feeling when these are on. These are really just as comfortable as they claim to be and you can barely feel them. Even after 6-8 hours of wearing them, my eyes don't feel as strained as they would from normal yearly lenses.

Design wise, the Eyevelyn lenses are very natural in both color and enlargement effect.

Close up in natural light:

Close up with flash:

These are my new go-to lenses for every day wear. They're light enough to bring a bit of sparkle to your eyes but blends in naturally. The comfort level is amazing and I would say almost on par with dailies! I would definitely recommend silicone hydrogel lenses for those with sensitive/dry eyes as well.

You can get these from Eyedodo for $22.90 USD and get free worldwide shipping on orders over $50!


*This is a sponsored review but all comments and opinions 100% honest and unaffected by the fact that the product is being provided free of cost

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  1. These are super natural! I've been meaning to get a pair like these :)

  2. great review! I like more natural tones lenses for daily use! These were perfect! I have Eyedodo's lenses in brown color too!