[REVIEW] Clalen Iris Rhapsody Daily Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - October 23, 2015

Clalen Iris is a Korean circle lens brand. Most of their lenses are daily disposable and they emphasize natural looking designs. Suzy from Miss A was the face of their brand hence it got a lot of attention!

*I bought these from Kpoplens and this is not a sponsored post 

 The style I got is called Rhapsody. It's a very simple and natural brown ring design.


These lenses provide UV protection and have a high moisture level of 55%. The enlarging effect is very natural and blends in well with. There are no harsh edges even at the outer circle :)

Comfort wise - these are usually great for 6 hours + since they are daily disposables. However, I have found that one eye fits better than the other. I'm not sure if its a faulty batch or if it's just my eye? Both these lenses and the 1 Day Acuvue Define lenses I got from Kpoplens seem to have the same problem :\ ... I would like these lenses a lot more if they fit right for both my eyes! Other lenses with the same base curve fit both eyes fine. I saw on the site that someone else gave a similar review. Not sure exactly what the problem is...anyhow

Natural light:

Price - 5/5
Design - 5/5
Comfort - 4/5 (because of the fitting issue for one eye - personal issue maybe?)

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