H&M Beauty - Nail Polish Haul

By Kristine Lam - November 30, 2015

Ever since the release of H&M's beauty line, I've been eyeing their nail polishes and resisting the urge to buy all of them. I finally gave in and picked up a few shades yesterday!

Paper Ash, the pale grey-white shade was the actual polish that started this haul. I love wearing light pastels all year long! The other shade is called Smoky Aubergine, a dark grey-plum shade - perfect to pair with any chunky knit sweater ;)

Their glitter polishes are all quite unique and great for the holidays. I have my fair share of silver glitter but this one (called Prismatic) has a mixture of large, medium, small hexagon pieces...and HEARTS! It doesn't get any better than this. The blue glitter is appropriately named A Winter's Tale and do I even need to say anymore about this gorgeous bottle? Just look at it. Lastly, the gold flakes (also very appropriately named Flake It) is something I've been wanting to get my hands on. I'm all for irregular shaped glitter polishes!

I have yet to try them on my nails yet since I just got a new set of gel nails so I will report back on how they apply and wear in a bit!

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