[FAVOURITES] Skin Friendly Cleansers

By Kristine Lam - April 18, 2016

For the AM: I use a very mild cleanser in the morning. The Toleriane Dermo Cleanser from La Roche-Posay is a milky cleanser with a minimal list of ingredients. Fragrance and preservative free. Leaves your skin feeling very soft. You won't get that "squeaky clean" feeling from this (which isn't needed for the AM anyway!) I actually bought this for make up removal when my skin was very sensitive but I find that it's a bit too gentle to remove anything besides tinted moisturizer.

For makeup removal: Innisfree's Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil smells like apple candy and I love it! It's a very thick oil that massages into your skin and melts away your make up. When I'm lazy, I use this to remove my eye make up altogether. It gets rid of waterproof eyeliner/mascara with no problem. Doesn't irritate my eyes either so this gets thumbs up from me!

For regular cleansing/double cleansing: I follow up with a foam cleanser after removing make up at night. My fave by far is the  Lotus Micro Mild Foam by Mamonde. If my skin is feeling extra icky in the morning I use this as well. I squeeze a bit onto a foam maker (similar here) to get the cotton candy like foam. This gets rid of any dirt/make up residue on your skin very well without stripping all the oils away. It leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed but not tight or dry at all. Love love love this!

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  1. Can you make a post about how the foam maker works? It's the first time that I've seen something like it and I'm super curious!