[CIRCLE LENS] Loveil Aqua Rich 1Day Soft Contact Lenses in Ash Grege

By Kristine Lam - June 10, 2016

Long time no circle lense review! I ran out of brown contacts so I've been relying on these grey dailies for the this month while waiting for my new ones to arrive. These are my first pair from the brand Loveil. They are a Japanese circle lens brand that can only be bought through Rakuten if you don't live in Japan. 

Comfort: Daily disposable circle lenses are always very comfortable for me - 5/5

Design: Grey contact lenses, they tend to be a bit more dramatic. These however are more subtle than most grey lenses you find. However, you can see in the second photo that they have a bit of the 'halo effect' around the edges when they are hit with strong lighting. Close up, you can see the pixelated edges which I'm not too fond of.
They have a diameter of 14.2mm which gives a subtle dolly eye effect which is perfect for special events or photos - 3.5/5  

Overall a very wearable pair of grey lenses but there are ones that blend much better and don't have the halo effect, such as Twinkle Eyes in Grege Grey (which are my all time favourite grey lenses). I will blog about those soon!

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